What We Can Do For You

With years of proven, expert experience in the field, ProtoPower Solutions is trusted by major Electronic OEMs for a broad range of battery assembly, testing and analysis that meets specific, exacting specifications. Our expertise across a variety of chemistries covers the bases from cell to module to battery level assembly.

ProtoPower Solutions is more than just a battery assembly company. Our in-house science group, headed by a Ph.D electrochemist, interfaces with your engineering group, functions as part of your design team. It’s this level of technical design and pack assembly know how, along with the right testing, analysis that will help you achieve your design and production objectives.

Our Key Services

+ Prototype and low volume battery pack assembly

    • Cell selection

    • Cell and battery pack design

    • BMU selection and design

+ Customer supplied BOM or Protopower sourced and purchased BOM
+ Cell vendor qualification – initial and/or ongoing
+ Design review
+ Design review for manufacturability
+ Risk Mitigation
+ Regulatory Certifications

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