We Don’t Just Work For You. We Work With You.

At ProtoPower Solutions, we’re focused on battery pack and cell solutions. Our state-of-the-art lab and experienced engineering team are fully equipped to complete cell and battery performance characterization to your designs specific requirements.

We don’t just want to do the work for you. We want to work WITH you to make sure your design objectives are achieved.

Our Collaborative Process

+ What are the design objectives?

    • Application operating environment

    • Power requirements

    • Form Factor

    • Weight

    • Host product interface

    • Additional application specific considerations

+ Research

    • Design/Design review

    • Determine regulatory requirements

    • Budgetary cost estimate

    • Specify and source preliminary BOM

    • Identify second source cells

    • Create preliminary assembly SOP and QC documentation

    • Additional application specific considerations

+ Prototype assembly

    • Build and test prototype

    • Revise and retest as required

    • Design review

+ Preproduction

+ Production

+ Provide turn-key assembly documentation to customer.

    • Assist with high volume assembler selection

    • Provide on-going QA assistance

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